ABBAS TANNERIES is a well known company based in Kasur, Pakistan, made its beginning,when Mian Muhammad Abbas (Late) & Pioneer of ABBAS TANNERIES starts this Business under his Dynamic leadership.Technical and dedication in continuous efforts and research in order to offer the best quality leather to their customers.

ABBAS TANNERIES is proud to be associated with leather since 1980 and owes its success to impeccable quality, reasonable pricing and customer satisfaction.

The Company has acquired the services of dedication technical and marketing professionals to evolve the global trend and standards. We Claim to sell maximum Number of articles in PU Coated Leather in Pakistan. With our technical innovation and excellent machinery. We can produce Sophisticated Buffalo and Split PU coated Leather at competitive rates.

We also acquire proficiency in production of quality Leather top Fashion Leather goods and Garments.

ABBAS TANNERIES acquire proficiency in production of finished and semi finished Leatherof Garments and shoe upper, main in Buff. We offer exclusive range of SPLIT PU Laminated Leather for Shoe Upper & Bags.

ABBAS TANNERIES trademark of quality leather is recognized globally, primarily in America, European and Far East market.

Now ABBAS TANNERIES is in the well known & the high quality leather manufacturer of PU & Crust Leather in Pakistan. Best quality is the key element of ABBAS TANNERIES..